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Debt Collection & Credit Control

At Sary, people come first and we do everything we can to get your money back while still preserving a good relationship with your customers. Our strategic public relations efforts are fair, but firm.

We treat our employees with the respect, kindness and professionalism they deserve because it is the right thing to do. This keeps them happy and productive, ensuring superior results while providing you with dedicated service.

Treating consumers with dignity and respect ensures that they will remain your customers once the financial misunderstanding has been resolved, allowing you to continue growing your business.

Our network of world-wide debt collection firms, attorneys, investigators and vendors are cherished relationships that allow us to get the job done. We value each of these relationships, no matter how small or large.

There are clear laws and regulations about how Debt Collection works and what is allowed and what is not. At Sary, we do everything within these confines to collect a debt from one of your customers in a respectful way.

Because Sary stands for transparency for both debtors as clients we allow our clients maximum control over their accounts online and our specialized local agents are available 24/7 to answer any questions that you might have about one of your accounts.

Because collecting a debt can be a time-bound issue, we guarantee quick collection of your debt with our 30-day-performance-guarantee.

Sary is a third-party collection agency; a legal-assignee of debts. This means a client will contact us to move forward with collection services and we do not own the debt outright.

This relationship with our clients is successful because we leave any decision to take action with the client. We will request all necessary documentation (Invoices, Contracts, Legal Documents, etc.) available to validate the claim for collection efforts. Any disputes or refusals to pay will result in the file being noted as such and sent back to the client for them to decide on further action.

At Sary, there is no general cost for collection services. The costs are determined through the circumstances of the claim, whether or not we’ll be managing multiple accounts, and the amount due, amongst several other factors.

Our expert Credit-Risk Consultants are happy to discuss the costs with you in detail as this may vary depending on the specific particulars of the new placement. Several fees may also apply if extended services, such as seeking a legal judgement, are required.

Specializing in both domestic and international collections, we provide our services to a number of different industries in over 150 countries globally.

Our history of successful agreements includes collections with the financial, medical, educational, property management, utilities, and governmental institutions.

Our primary services are comprised of Commercial B2B (business to business) accounts and Consumer B2C (business to consumer) or C2B (consumer to business) accounts.

Before collection efforts can begin, our offices must be in receipt of the proper documents to validate the new claim. Once this validation process is completed and an agreement is in place, our representatives will begin their efforts immediately.

Just as every claim is different, the circumstances for each consumer varies as well, resulting in an unidentifiable certain set of time. Extenuating factors such as the age of the account and the type of debt being collected upon also weigh into how much time it will take to close our agreement.

There are several agencies that govern the debt collection industry. The most prominent of which is compliance with the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practice Act).

The law provides consumer protection from harassing/abusive collection efforts, as well as, provides certain limitations on what types of debts can be collected on. Additionally, the Fair Credit Reporting Act regulates how default accounts are reported in credit reports.

Amongst other regulations, these laws govern how and when we can contact consumers while providing documentation and other legal guidelines.

The types of collection activities permitted by law vary widely across the globe. In Kenya. we contact the consumer by telephone, email and planned visits to their offices in an effort to resolve the debt.

In some cases, we are able to contact consumers via registered postal mail. Regarding any extended arrangements outside of our collection efforts, we will provide our clients with recommendations for further action, however, it is at their discretion whether they agree to proceed.

Depending on the age of the debt, we may be able to seek legal action.

Sary specializes in both domestic and international collection services.

We currently have strategic collection agencies partners in over 150 countries worldwide working with Sary which provides access to a global network of nationally licensed debt collection firms.

This global network allows us to establish universal relationships for providing excellent services in a varying degree of time zones across the world. We are also able to overcome language barrier and more so, understand as well as conduct best collection activities within the confines of laws in such countries.

The laws limit how long we can engage in certain collection efforts. The law sets a Statute of Limitations on creditors and debt collectors regulating the period of time it is legal to pursue an old debt- for instance, 6 years in Kenya.

This Statute of Limitations can vary according to a country’s legislatures. Our representatives are well versed in these SOL variations and would be happy to discuss the specific details regarding your outstanding accounts.

Yes, we must be able to validate the debt before we can begin the collection process. This process of validation is in place to guarantee the protection of both the client and the consumer when working with Sary.

Validation documents include, but are not limited to, contractual agreements between you and the consumer, a bill or invoices for exchanged goods or services, as well as, legal court judgement documents.

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