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Credit Control Services

  • Most businesses have formal accounts receivable policies that dictate when to bill, how much to bill and when to collect. Unfortunately, not all businesses enforce those policies effectively – or even adopt the right processes at all. In many cases, it comes down to culture.
  • Businesses that prioritize sales often fall into the trap of extending credit to customers, offering discounts or ignoring payment terms if it means winning new sales. However, if management does not have a focus on working capital, no one will. The upshot? You end up unintentionally providing customers with free financing. Some may argue this is no big deal, but the truth isn’t so simple.
  • If a company needs to borrow money to meet its obligations because customers are paying late, it could incur losses on the financing charges alone. Even if that’s not the case, carrying overdue accounts receivable still has a cost. It puts you on a cash flow tightrope. Rather than having free capital to invest in growth opportunities, increase shareholder payouts, buy new equipment or introduce new products, your money is tied up on your balance sheet.
  • By use of outsourced credit control service from Sary, our clients are able to focus more on their core business while we manage and collect their overdue accounts receivables.
  • Moreover, asking your customers for payment could be cumbersome and annoying; we will support your client relationships through a consistent management approach in an extremely expertise and modest manner.
  • We will help you track your payments carefully and proactively follow-up on your overdue invoices on a timely basis. Further, we will support your account reconciliation by helping to you allocate payments accurately and to ensure that your customers have the correct balances on their accounts.
  • At your request, we shall extend staff training and development services for your employees in the Billing & Credit Control Departments and help them advance in practical Account Receivables Management skills as well as soft debt management skills.

Understanding your Credit Period

This are the explanations of the various Credit Scores and how they affect you Credit accesss ability. An Excellent and good score gives you a better chance to access credit more faster.

Credit Period: Excellent


Credit Days

Credit Period: Good


Credit Days

Credit Period: Fair


Credit Days

Credit Period: Bad


Credit Days

Credit Period: Worst

121 +

Credit Days

How the service works

Being aware of your credit score may allow you to negotiate a better rate
with some lenders.

We assign a dedicated credit controller to handle assigned customer accounts to ensure proper invoicing, delivery of invoices, obtaining delivery notes accompanied by acknowledged invoice copies from the client, ensuring credit notes or refunds are applied and sales return or debit notes to ensure they are captured.

Sending reminders via SMS, letters, and emails accompanied by client statements on weekly basis. We initiate calls to remind clients of payment, get payment plans and issue demand letters and service termination notices alongside associated communication.

Collect proof of payment and cheques and update payments in the relevant client accounts company systems, reconcile accounts and issue accurate statements to customers.

Share with client updated statements, settlement notifications, and thank you messages and emails once payments are made or once obligations are settled.

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